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Maggi Kelly Uc, Berkeley – China Tech Workshops

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Maggi Kelly - UC Berkeley China Workshops with GVI

GVI recently had the honour of hosting Maggi Kelly, Professor of Environmental Science, UC Berkeley to our GVI Beijing office. During her visit, GVI had the opportunity to sponsor moderated China Tech Workshops at some of Beijing’s top universities and government departments. Maggi Kelly has a wealth of experience in GIS, remote sensing  and other geospatial tech. As the head of the Geospatial Innovation Facility (GIF), she is at the cutting edge of the technological trends and leading research that defines our fast-growing industry. It is among these reasons that we value her input as a senior advisor to GreenValley International.  

China Tech Workshops 1 - Peking University

The first event was held at Peking University, Beijing. At the ‘21st Century Mapping Toolkit’ workshop, some of China’s top geospatial students had the chance to follow Maggi through a geographically-based, computing and data-rich workflow. The seminar focused on modern challenges to spatial data science and their direct impact on the world around us - from climate to food scarcity and beyond. Maggi outlined that solving these issues requires innovative & resourceful data collection, data synthesis and novel analytical tools.

National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation of China

Maggi’s second seminar was tailored towards industry professionals and decision-makers at the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation of China. She was very informative in her introduction of LiDAR and its myriad of applications. With special focus on natural & agricultural resources, the seminar highlighted some pioneering case studies and the methodologies that have proven to be effective.

Institute of Botany, The Chinese Academy of Sciences

The last seminar conveyed Maggi’s outlook of LiDAR technology based on her research, papers and projects. Maggi drew her research close to home - the use of remote sensing for forest inventory, fire management and wildlife habitat conservation within California. The Chinese audience was introduced to California’s complex forestry which is notoriously difficult to accurately map. LiDAR’s application (especially in terms of capturing forest structure, volume predictions and biomass) are invaluable toolsets to spatial data scientists in this field.

We will continue to work alongside Maggi and her team in our effort to bring state-of-the-art mapping systems and software to the market. With our newly opened Berkeley office up and running, we are excited to continue our collaborations. For more information on Maggi Kelly and the GIF please visit and more on our products/updates