LiAir Series

UAV LiDAR Systems

Included Software Packages

LiAcquire + PPK


LiAcquire is a proprietary point cloud acquisition and conversion software which now includes a comprehensive Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) solution. RTK positioning may sometimes be unreliable due to radio link outages or GNSS signal blocks - all of which are happening in real-time. PPK processes data and GNSS information after the flight and as such, results are more accurate.

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LiPlan is a UAV ground station control app developed by GVI specifically for using with the LiAir Series and the DJI m600 Pro. LiPlan provides tools for flight path planning, downloading flight trajectories, one button take-off/landing and automatic point cloud/image data collection. The real-time display of laser sensor and drone status gives users a full understanding of their system performance.

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LiAir 50

The LiAir 50 was designed with accuracy and affordability in mind. Our entry-level LiAir model utilizes the Velodyne© VLP-16, an INS system and RGB camera to quickly and efficiently map 3D environments. The 50 is highly accessible due to our ability to include software packages for route planning, real-time visualization, georeferencing and PPK - which often costs thousands of dollars extra. For this reason, it is a popular choice for academia and entry-level LiDAR mapping users.

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LiAir 100

The LiAir 100 is designed for users who need a higher point density whilst retaining the same accuracy and affordability that the 50 provides. Integrating the Velodyne© HDL-32e sensors allows for up to ~1.39 million points per second. This is essential for penetrating dense terrains and obtaining sufficient ground points. The system also comes with all pre-processing and in-flight analysis software as standard. Affordable RGB camera add-ons allows users to colorize point cloud and assess real-world conditions.

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View LiAir sample data for a variety of applications including forest inventory, forest resource management, archaeology, power line management, topographic modeling and more.

All sample data can be visualized and manipulated within LiDAR360 for free. Discover the power and robustness of our point cloud post-processing software with a free download here.

LiAir 250

The LiAir 250 is our go-to system for power line corridor mapping. The Riegl mini-VUX1 UAV LiDAR is extremely accurate and lightweight enough to be safely mounted to drones such as the DJI m600 Pro. Also optionally included, is a revolutionary software suite for complete mapping and analysis of the corridor including the LiDAR360 Power Line module. Export data into the Power Line module for classification, danger point detection and simulated environmental condition analysis.

LiAir 250

LiAir 1000

The LiAir 1000 is GreenValley's most accurate and robust UAV-mounted mapping system. The Riegl VUX-1 UAV LiDAR sensor has the ability to accurately map at a range of up to 920 meters with a millimeter-level ranging accuracy. The LiAir 1000 can also be modified to include the Riegl VUX-1 UAVLR for a longer range. The power of this system makes it an excellent choice for survey-grade accuracy and mapping extremely dense terrain such as equatorial rainforests.

LiAir Pro