LiAir Premium (32E/MX)

Advanced Aerial LiDAR System

LiAir Premium 32E/MX 

LiAir Premium retains the usability and functionality of LiAir Standard whilst providing enhancements where they matter most. The upgraded POS-system is a perfect fit for users who require a higher level of accuracy. LiAir Premium MX integrates Riegl miniVUX-1, allowing for an even higher point density and longer range. LiAir Premium is leading affordable aerial LiDAR systems into the future.

LiAir Premium Mx + M600
LiAir Premium Mx & DJI M600 Pro
liair premium mx

LiAir Premium MX mounted to GVI proprietary UAV

Quick Specs

LiAir Premium Mx
LiAir Premium Mx

Sample Data

Application: Forestry, Forest Management, Forest Inventory

Data Format: * .LiData - GreenValley's proprietary file format. Can be converted to .las within LiDAR360.

Data collection: LiAir Premium 32E & DJI m600 Pro

Speed: 4.8 m/s (recommended acquisition speed)

Background: Acquired by LiAir Premium 32E. Data can be used for tree segmentation and digital surface model generation. Displayed by elevation. 

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