Tanzania: Airborne LiDAR Data Acquisition – Producing a 1:1000 Topographic Map

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Project Outline

Greenvalley International was commissioned to carry out a survey measuring 10 square kilometers in Tanzania, Africa. Our goal was to utilize our LiDAR equipment to obtain highly accurate point cloud to meet the 1:1000 scale mapping requirements. In turn, we shall create a 1:1000 scaled DLG (Digital Line Graphic) topographic map. DLG covers many elements including: residential buildings, ground, powerlines, vegetation, water, terrain contouring, landforms (ditches, hills, cliffs, etc), transport facilities, elevation points, etc.

Helicopter-mounted LiAir Pro


Equipment: LiDAR Hardware

The LiAir Pro UAV LiDAR system is our most intensive and accurate system to date. It’s powerful sensing capabilities can overcome light, cloud, shadowing and other environmental factors to obtain more accurate geospatial information. Some of the LiAir Pro specs can be seen below:

Positioning Accuracy: 0.02 - 0.05m

LiDAR Points p/sec: 400K

Speed Accuracy: 0.005m / s

Scanning Distance: 920m

Accuracy: 5mm

Roll: 0.015°

Pitch: 0.015°

Heading: 0.080°

Angle Resolution: 0.05°

Scanning Angle: 0 ° - 360°

Flight Height: 150m



Within the survey area, there were a total of 99 elevation control points with an overall elevation error of 0.064m which was in line with regulatory requirements. As you can see above,  the horizontal accuracy error was 0.105m, adhering to the regulatory standards. The topographic map we created proved to be successful as the contour lines are able to accurately reflect topography and detail of the survey area. As seen, the image is clear and both the elevation points and density are accurate and reliable. For more info on products and services please contact info@greenvalleyintl.com