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From topographic surveys in Tanzania to power line corridor mapping in China, GVI has been lucky enough to provide its solutions throughout the world. 

Aligning 3D Data Captured from UAV and Handheld Mobile LiDAR

Data set alignment also referred to as co-registration, can be quickly carried out using GreenValley's LiDAR360 point cloud processing software.

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Urban Power Line Management

A previous article showcased GVI solutions using UAV LiDAR for high-voltage transmission line survey. We now turn to another question, what about using LiDAR to inspect power distribution lines in urban neighborhoods? 

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Calculating Sand Bulk Volume of Sand Barge using LiDAR

Solution using GVI LiBackpack D50 and LiDAR360 that  allow clients to quickly and accurately measure the volume of sand barge cargo load in various and sometimes difficult operating environments.

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Extracting Individual Tree Metrics from Forest LiDAR Data

Leverage LiDAR360 processing software to generate geospatial products from mobile, terrestrial, UAV or airborne systems that meet critical needs of foresters.

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Power Line Corridor Management

Using LiAir Series and LiDAR360's Power Line module to detect hazardous vegetation overgrowth along the transmission lines and pylons.

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