GreenValley International

Map the World in 3D

GVI builds turnkey solutions for forestry, topographic surveying , emergency response, autonomous driving, vegetation management for electric utilities, as well as many other sectors and industries.



 Forestry module contains tools to process data acquired from ALS and TLS systems and provide the effective functions for forest metrics deriving and parameters calculating.

terrain and buildings

Topographic Surveying

The terrain module provides a suite of GIS tools for generating surface models and calculating slope, roughness, aspect & contour lines from surface models.


Vegetation Management for Electric Utilities

Powerline module offers a complete and intuitive solution for power line inspection from LiDAR point cloud. It includes a powerful toolset for automatically classifying power lines, towers and vegetation, and other monitoring.


GVI currently offers a wide array of advanced but easy to use aerial, terrestrial, and mobile laser scanning technologies. The firm’s extensive product line features multiple high-precision 3D mapping hardware solutions including: LiAir (unmanned aerial vehicle LiDAR), LiBackpack (handheld/mobile LiDAR), LiEagle (fixed-wing/ helicopter LiDAR), and LiMobile (car/truck mounted LiDAR). Along with the cutting-edge hardware product lines, GVI provides versatile software solutions from mission plan (LiPlan) to data acquisition (LiAcquire, LiBackpack Desktop) and from GNSS/IMU data processing (LiNav) to LiDAR georeferencing (LiGeoreference). Moreover, a standalone software suite LiDAR360 Suite is developed for LiDAR and photogrammetry data post-processing for terrain mapping, forestry applications, powerline survey, etc. GVI also provides cloud-based services (LiCloud) for customers easier and better to manage hardware systems and process 3D data.



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