LiDAR360 MLS is a terrestrial mobile laser scanning(MLS) feature intelligent extraction and analysis software independently developed by GreenValley International, which supports the processing and analysis of LiDAR point cloud and image data obtained by mainstream vehicle-mounted, backpack, or handled mobile mapping systems on the market.

Based on the leading artificial intelligence algorithm, the software performs massive point cloud data editing, 3D feature extraction and analysis, 3D vectorization of road elements, etc. It has the features of rich function, convenient operation, intelligent and efficient, friendly interaction. It has a complete processing chain from MLS point cloud data processing to road asset survey,road maintenance, high definition map and other industry results delivery. LiDAR360MLS accelerates information extraction with intelligence and depicts the real world with digitalization.

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• Rapid visualization and processing of terrestrial mobile mapping system data

• Point cloud quality inspection and accuracy improvement

• Intelligent feature extraction combining point cloud and image data

• Multi-source data fusion mapping

• Digitization, editing and storage database of all road features

 Complete processing chain including pre-processing, post-processing, and delivery of results


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