As part of our LiDAR for Forestry Application Series, we utilize LiBackpack Handheld, Mobile LiDAR and point cloud processing software, LiDAR360, to quickly extract crucial forest metrics such as diameter at breast height (DBH).

Follow our case study on using UAV LiDAR and LiDAR post-processing software for  effective automatic classification of power lines, towers, and detection of a range of user defined hazardous points such as vegetation overgrowth and tree fall.

Handheld, Mobile and UAV 3D Mapping Systems

GVI aims to provide versatile LiDAR hardware systems to accurately map any 3D environment. Through the use of SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), our Handheld and Mobile systems can rapidly scan both indoor and outdoor environments without the need for GPS. This ability allows foresters, archaeologists, civil engineers, surveyors and more to build robust datasets without prep or complex post-processing software.

Comprehensive Point Cloud Processing Software

Visualize, manipulate and generate meaningful geospatial outputs with LiDAR360 and LiMapper. Utilize intuitive workflows for processing massive LiDAR or photogrammetry point clouds. We offer specialized modules for Forestry and Power Line analysis, or just enjoy the free point cloud visualizer and editor.