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LiBackpack enables users from a myriad of industries to accurately acquire rich 3D point cloud data quickly and efficiently. Integrating LiDAR with SLAM (simultaneous localization & mapping) technology allows for seamless indoor/outdoor data collection capabilities. Visualize the point cloud in real-time and generate high precision geospatial products with minimal data processing. The updated form factor now includes a Handheld mode, for better coverage in areas such as forest canopies, roofs, etc. Highly automated by design, the LiBackpack features a one button operation when connected through any wireless device.

LiDAR360 is a comprehensive point cloud post-processing software suite from GVI. It provides toolsets for advanced point cloud visualization, management, editing, classification and modeling tools. The tools are organized into modules to address specific industry needs such as Terrain, Forestry and Power Line applications. LiDAR360 is completely stand-alone and built from the ground up specially for point cloud post-processing. Its unique data structure and proprietary algorithms enable the user to process very large amount of data (TB-level) on mainstream workstations. Best of all, the data management and visualization functions are completely free.

lidar360 - powerline

Routine inspection of power transmission lines is critical for securing uninterrupted distribution of electricity. Traditional, ground-based inspection methods involving teams of surveyors is typically very labor-intensive and time-consuming. Methods for calculating the distance between the sag of the transmission wire and the tree often involves heavy equipment such as height measuring rods and theodolites. This is a huge workload for patrolling personnel whom may be located in deep wilderness and/or hazardous terrain.

Follow our case study on using UAV LiDAR and processing software for  effective automatic classification of power lines, towers, and detection of a range of user defined hazardous points such as clearance violation and tree fall. The Power Line module within LiDAR360 provides an intuitive workflow that also includes powerful manual editing tools to augment the automatic classification procedures. It’s built-in reporting function allows the users to quickly generate detailed project reports.


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The state-of-the-art photogrammetry and computer vision algorithms integrated in the software enables users to automatically reconstruct geometric structures by overlapping aerial photos or multispectral images and therefore generating a series of industry-standard photogrammetry products such as dense cloud, DEM/DSM, and TDOM. Furthermore, functions such as bundle block adjustment, camera self-calibration and stitching line editing are also provided for improving workflow productivity and accuracy.


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