Software Tutorial Series: Strip Adjustment in LiDAR360

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LiDAR360 is a powerful, point cloud post-processing software developed by GreenValley International. It is our flagship software and has the ability to be applied in many different industries from forestry, powerline, BIM and many more. As a way of growing awareness of its versatility and capabilities we have started our Software Tutorial Series. Our aim is to provide our users and interested clientele with the knowledge to complete their tasks quickly and effectively. Each tutorial will guide the user through the entire workflow and showcase the usability of LiDAR360.

Strip Alignment

This week’s tutorial focuses on a user favorite, Strip Adjustment. Strip Adjustment is the method to which systematic errors (usually caused by boresighting parameters) within aerial LiDAR point cloud, can be corrected. These errors are avoided through a thorough system calibration prior to each flight or more practically by combining pre-flight calibration with post-processing correction techniques, most notably, Strip Alignment.

PDF & Video

For a thorough breakdown and step-by-step guide download the PDF or watch the video here. As mentioned, our goal is to provide tutorials based on real world problems so we appreciate any questions, comments or suggestions you have for future videos.

Happy Strip Adjusting!

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