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Making LiDAR Data Acquisitions Manageable

LiDAR360 is a powerful software for processing, analyzing and manipulating LiDAR data; It provides the ability to visualize large point cloud data and automatically align flight strips, classify points (ie: ground, vegetation, power lines, etc.) and generate numerous spatial products. Some key tools includes surface modelling, point cloud classification, strips alignment, urban, powerline, forest and mapping toolsets.

Data Visualization

Effectively visualize and interact with large point cloud data. This includes tools for measuring; interact with data as if you were in the field.


LiDAR Swath Alignment

Automatically align flight strips and precisely stitch point sets for delivering the most accurate LiDAR products.


Surface Modelling

Create core spatial products including DEM, DSM, contour maps and more. Easily import existing rasterized data and edit metadata.


Quickly Generate Seamless digital surface and digital orthophoto maps using advanced photogrammetry.


Quickly and proactively classify points as ground, vegetation power lines and more.

Urban Data Processing

Building recognition and segmentation for object reconstruction and 3D visualization.

Power Line

Analyze power line data acquisitions for quick decision making concerning safety. Segment power lines and vegetation and make virtual yet real world measurements to minimize manpower.

Forest Analysis

Extract complex forest parameters, run core regression analysis, segment individual trees and measure essential attributes.

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