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LiDAR360 Lite
Version 1.3 out now

LiDAR360-Lite is the free version of LiDAR360 – a LiDAR point cloud processing software. Lidar360 uses a performance driven data format for 3D visualization of massive point cloud and terrain data (LiData and LiModel). It provides various display modes including elevation, intensity, classification, return number and more. This data format can be loaded almost immediately in LiDAR360, less than a second in most cases, allowing users to check the data quality very efficiently. LiDAR360 also supports common spatial formats including raster, table (.csv) and vector data (.shp) visualization.

LiDAR360-Lite Features:

  1. Point cloud profile analysis, LiDAR360-Lite allows users to view the point cloud data from different angles, classify point cloud by various selection tools, and supports 2D measurement
  2. 3D visualization and editing digital terrain model, there are a variety of selection tools to support terrain smooth, flat and repair
  3. Point cloud clip tools, clip the point cloud data by polygon or rectangular
  4. Measurement tools, including area, angle, volume, height, point density measurement
  5. Essential data management tools, including: Format conversion, outliers removal, normalization, projection transformation and clip, rater tools such as band operation, raster mosaic and raster subdivision
  6. Grid statistics, statistical analysis of point cloud based on points number, density and height value
  7. User friendly window manipulation: 2D and 3D display in same window, multi-window linkage, screen rolling, layer drag, cross selection, etc
  8. Language setting
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