Lidar Processing

Advanced lidar data processing services for filtering, classification, segmentation and spatial product generation.

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Product Description

Free Lidar Processing

Free lidar processing services for lidar point clouds under 2GB. This service includes tier 1 processing described below.

Data Services

Our data services merge in-house algorithms with expert interaction and inspection to produce the best lidar deliverables at affordable prices.

Tier 1 ProcessingTier 2 Processing
Price: 5 USD per haPrice: 10 USD per ha
Data filtering
DEM/DSM/CHM generation
Tier 1 Processing
Forest metrics (canopy cover, LAI, gap fraction, intensity metrics, elevation metrics)
Tree segmentation

Additional Processing

ClassificationTLS SegmentationPower Line Analysis
Price: 20 USD per haPrice: 50 USD per haPrice: 50 USD per ha
Classify points for ground, vegetation, power line, tower and buildings.For very dense lidar point clouds (>1 pt per cm); Segment leafs, trunk and branches for single trees.Isolate areas of concern for power lines in lidar data acquisitions.

Note: Minimal 5 ha. Dense point clouds are thinned to 1 point per square mm, unless otherwise negotiated.


Data Processing Request

Request Processing

Use this form to complete your request. A username will be emailed to you with instructions on completing your account. Once setup, you can upload your data for processing. Please indicate if you would like any of the additional services listed above.

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