Based on the demand of market and the feedback of previous data processing system, we believe that Li-Mapper has been created to be a professional and powerful aerial image processing system.

As an aerial image processing software, Li-Mapper has perfectly combined photogrammetry and computer visualization technology. This new system has solved traditional problems such as instability and deformation of UVA image. Moreover, new functions have been added including camera self-calibration, automatic parallel aerial triangulation, quick mapping, dense point cloud, DOM and 3D model generation.

Li-Mapper can process data from both traditional photography and oblique photography. It works fast and is capable of processing more than 10000 UVA images. With a highly automated processing mechanism and user-friendly interface, this product is for everyone with or without relevant expertise in remote sensing or mapping.

Li-Mapper is designed by our professional software development team that are experts in various fields, including photogrammetry, surveying and mapping engineering, remote sensing, computer graphic and so forth. It is a team that cares about every detail of the product. That is why we have developed such a product as Li-Mapper. Compared with most commercial software, Li-mapper has three obvious superiorities in data processing, which are 1) automation 2) speediness 3) and large quantity. Tens of thousands of photos can be easily converted to professional 3D model and Orth image in high precision, and data can be processed automatically. For Traditional aerial image, the accuracy of image processing can be as high as 5cm. Furthermore, aerial data from different UAV and cameras can be efficiently processed together.

As a powerful software, Li-Mapper is applicable to various fields including topographic mapping, disaster analysis, security enforcement, agriculture and forestry investigation, flood monitoring, power inspection, ocean research and scientific research.

Main functions and Advantages of Li-Mapper:

  • Supporting automatic parallel aerial triangulation and camera self-calibration with or without POS data;
  • Supporting the processing of images taken at various heights by various cameras on various platforms;
  • Supporting quick mapping-generation to respond to emergencies;
  • Employing interactive control point measurement to generate Ortho-images according to customer-defined coordinates, compatible with data from third-party GIS software;
  • Generating professional accuracy-report and quantitatively evaluate the results;
  • Generating high accuracy dense point cloud and DSM;
  • Supporting automatic texturing and 3D model generating;
  • Supporting close-range photogrammetry and oblique photogrammetry, with an output of a measureable large-scale scene LOD model;
  • Strong stability, smooth operation , friendly-user interface and no professional training is needed;
  • Massive data capacity and batch processing ability;
  • Supporting detailed accuracy-report that checks flight status and abnormal situations;
  • Supporting parallel processing and highly efficient GPU processing.
  • Supporting various image import formats (such as, JPG, TIFF, BMP and so on) and export formats (such as PLY, OBJ, OSGB, IVE and so on).



Automatic parallel aerial triangulation (1) (9756 images)



Automatic parallel aerial triangulation (2)




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