456LiForest (Lidar software for forestry applications) provides a platform that enables users to freely manipulate the LiDAR point clouds and create useful spatial products. LiForest’s visualizer makes it easy to view data and consists of several modules for LiDAR point cloud processing that include LiDAR-based forest metric calculation, digital model generation, regression models and individual tree segmentation.





Statistical Modules for creating statistical metrics including elevation and intensity metrics, as well as canopy cover, leaf area index (LAI) and gap fraction metrics.


Includes tools for converting formats and data management for filtering, normalizing, extracting and organizing lidar datasets.


Create the most useful lidar products including digital elevation models (DEMs), digital surface models (DSMs) and canopy height models (CHMs). Create regression models using training data (ground truth data) for forest parameter estimation using 4 available regression models.


Isolate individual trees from lidar using CHM-based tree segmentation algorithms or a direct point cloud segmentation to extract individual tree location, crown size, and tree height.


Please visit the LiForest website for downloading the trial version of the LiForest software and for additional information: LiForest


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LiForest 2.0 Released

LiForest 2.0 Released! Related
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