POS-less mobile and terrestrial LiDAR unit

LiBackpack is GreenValley’s independent R&D indoor and outdoor integrated mobile LiDAR system which combines LiDAR and SLAM technology. It is used to, in real time, capture high precision point cloud data without a GPS. Its lightweight design allows LiBackpack to not only be mounted on vehicles and aircrafts, but data can also be collected handheld or using a backpack mount. The most advanced Handheld LiDAR Scanner on the market.

Handheld LiDAR Scanner

High Precision

Combined with LiDAR and SLAM algorithm to achieve indoor and outdoor integrated mobile measurement, cm-level precision measurements. Our SLAM algorithms have been published in peer-reviewed journals

High Efficiency

Using the Velodyne VLP-16 or Velodyne HDL-32E laser scanner, real time point cloud is acquired. However, compared with terrestrial scanning, LiBackpack automatically “stitches” the data while moving; no need for dead angle scanning which saves the tedious work (and avoids the limitations) of setting up a station and resolving manual data registration.

Indoor and Outdoor Navigation

High precision positioning based on LiDAR and SLAM technology can be used for indoor and outdoor navigation in addition to autonomous obstacle avoidance in AI and other fields. Unrivaled handheld LiDAR scanner capturing capabilities.

Lightweight - 6kg
Xsense MTi Series IMU
Battery Time - 2 Hours
100m Range
Velodyne VLP-16/HDL-32e

Redefined LiDAR for all applications
Videos and Applications