LiBackpack 2.0

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Handheld, Terrestrial LiDAR

LiDAR/SLAM Integration

LiBackpack is GreenValley’s indoor and outdoor integrated terrestrial LiDAR system which combines LiDAR and SLAM technology. It is used to, in real time, capture high precision point cloud data without the need for a GPS. Using the Velodyne VLP-16 or Velodyne HDL-32E laser scanner, real time point cloud is acquired. LiBackpack automatically “stitches” the data while moving; no need for dead angle scanning which saves the tedious work of setting up a station and resolving manual data registration.


LiBackpack Features

LiDAR Sensor

Compatible with both Velodyne VLP16 and HDL32e LiDAR sensors.

  • 1m - 100m range
  • 3cm accuracy
  • 300,000 pts/sec
  • water resistant

User-friendly, Efficient, Affordable.

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