LiAir Standard (16E/32E)

Affordable Aerial LiDAR System

LiAir Standard 16E & RGB +DJ600 2

LiAir Standard 16E/32E 

GVI’s entry-level UAV LiDAR system, LiAir Standard, perfectly balances accuracy and affordability.  LiAir Standard integrates LiDAR (Velodyne VLP-16/HDL-32e), POS & RGB imagery. Begin collecting colorized point cloud data in real-time with LiAcquire, our proprietary acquisition software. LiAir Standard’s usability and streamlined workflow continues to prove itself in effectively mapping terrain, forestry, power line corridors and more.


LiDAR + RGB Data - LiAcquire

LiAir Standard 32E & RGB 2
LiAir Standard 32E w/ RGB
liair std yosemite rgb

Quick Specs

Sample Data

LiAir Standard

Application: Terrain

Data Collection: LiAir Standard

Speed: 4.8 m/s

Data Format: * .LiData

Using LiAir to collect the terrain data. LiDAR360 is able to post-process the point cloud and generate terrain products such as DEM, DSM, etc.

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