Case Studies & Solutions

Case Studies and solutions showing practical applications of our LiDAR hardware, software and services.

Digital Models

Mangrove Forest – Digital Model Generation Lidar can be used to extract topographic and ground feature information to generate high resolution digital elevation models (DEM) and digital surface models

Forest Inventory

Forest Inventory Traditional forest inventory practices mainly rely on topographic maps and field-based survey. Now foresters can use Lidar data to analyze forest structure and biomass. Multi-return Lidar
powerline transmission lidar picture

Power Line Inspection

Power Line Inspection Lidar can be used to measure the geometry of power lines with high precision. Information about the lines, such as sag and the distance between
point cloud data image


Cultural Heritage Surveys Laser scanning has been proven the best solution for recording historical sites, and lidar has become an ideal solution for digitally preserving cultural heritage sites

Disaster Management

Disaster management Lidar technology has become widely accepted in disaster management applications. Its precision allows extraction of 3D shapes and accurately locates features. These can be used for measurement to
Image of digital city 3D model

Digital City

Digital City The concept of a “Digital City” is playing an important role in urban planning and 3D city models are the basic components for such ideas. Manual