Velodyne LiDAR – Integration and Cooperative Partnerships

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Velodyne LiDAR – Integration and Cooperative Partnerships


Velodyne demoing the LiBackpack


Lidar360 picture
Indoor Outdoor Point Cloud


The GVI (GreenValley International) U.S. team had a great meeting today with the corporate Marketing & Sales team at Velodyne headquarters in San Jose, California. The Velodyne team experienced first-hand the GVI LiBackpack system, and was genuinely impressed by the simplicity and versatility of the LiBackpack. It is this, that has allowed our team to begin our involvement in cutting-edge projects worldwide. Whether it’s the thick terrain of the Borneo rainforest or the densely packed buildings of a downtown city, LiBackpack has continued to capture stunning point cloud. ¬†Check out some of our amazing point cloud images here.

Representing GreenValley International was Leo Liu, General Manager and Jacob Flanagan, Product Development Manager. The meeting featured live demonstrations/tutorials to complement the in-depth product discussions.

Our¬†partnership is underscored by our innovative nature, something which we see as reciprocal. Our continual R&D of the LiBackpack keeps Velodyne sensors in mind, inspired by the effectiveness and simplicity of their product design. It is our pleasure to continue our marketing and sales programs by providing high quality marketing materials, collaborations and leveraging each other’s strengths in sales and customer development. Watch this space for further marketing content and case studies, as we test the accuracy and effectiveness of both the LiBackpack and the Velodyne VLP-16 sensor.

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