About Us

GreenValley International provides 3D mapping solutions that include data acquisition hardware for 3D mobile data collections, processing and production software for high resolution 3D products and GIS consulting and services.

GreenValley International is founded by experts and leaders in the fields of forestry, remote sensing and engineering. It is this knowledge and understanding of a market which allows us to produce high-end products that get accurate results. Our line includes UAV LiAir hardware, mobile LiBackpack hardware and an array of post-processing software from forestry specific LiForest, to the comprehensive, LiDAR360. In addition, we also provide comprehensive and professional solutions for 3D data collection services, precision forestry, power line detection and monitoring, digital elevation model generation, digital city construction, antique 3D reconstruction, disaster management and land property surveying. We are proud to have support industry leaders through our expertise and have partnerships with several top universities worldwide. We continue to strive for innovation and simplicity in the geospatial world and it is our mission to provide results for any project.