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GIS services and consulting solutions

We provide an array of remote sensing products for collection high resolution lidar, photogrammetry and aerial imagery.
Our software products offer a systematic approach for processing large data sets allowing users to generate the most useful spatial products.
We are committed to finding the best solutions for our client’s remote sensing requirements, while providing experienced GIS consultation.
Providing hardware, software and services gives us the unique ability to offer a true turn key solution from remote sensing data collections to user end products.

About GreenValley International

We at Greenvalley International strive to provide the best and most advanced remote sensing solutions for high quality data acquisition and processing. We build hardware and software that make for efficient spatial product production and our service solutions are first class.

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Come visit us at InterGEO 2016! Hall A2, booth IAS.17 (near the IAS Forum) This year’s event is located in Hamburg, Germany held on October 11-13. We’ll be showcasing

LiDAR Magazine – Prestigious NAS Workshop

We were mentioned (under True Reality Geospatial Solutions) in an article featuring Velodyne in LiDAR Magazine. They highlighted the use of their sensor on our lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles


Exciting news! A lighter weight lidar sensor from Velodyne – the VLP-16 (Puck LITE). So what does this mean for us? Reducing the payload on UAS equipment will

GreenValley International

TRGS is now GreenValley International! We kicked off as True Reality Geospatial Solutions and this was the international side of our company GreenValley. It’s already been a journey and through

Map the world

in 3D

Disaster Management

Disaster management Lidar technology has become widely accepted in disaster management applications. Its precision allows extraction of 3D shapes and accurately locates features. These can be used for measurement to

Digital City

Digital City The concept of a “Digital City” is playing an important role in urban planning and 3D city models are the basic components for such ideas. Manual